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  1. ABOUT Battle For San Andreas is a server that offers top Battle Royale experience in MTA, made by a team of seasoned players and developers who were deeply involved with Tactics and MTA PUBG scenes throughout their existence. Features: Battle Royale (PvP) and Zombie Survival (PvE) modes Ability for players to create custom matches and hold events and tournaments Dynamic playzone system that adapts to the number of players in the match for a better experience Over 60 types of weapons with unique characteristics and behavior, customizable with attachments All equipment and weapon attachments are properly implemented and work as intended Fuel system for vehicles First person mode for iron sights and scopes Prone state Peeking while aiming and shooting Customizable player appearance and over 700 player customization options: hats, shoes, clothes, weapon skins, etc. Train and ferry systems Custom effects like smoke and blood, visible from any distance Exclusively mapped and carefully placed new locations and pieces Things to do while waiting for a match to start: GameBoy Color emulator, screens with YouTube videos, deathmatch zone, etc Events, challenges and tournaments with prizes from server administration MEDIA Screenshots gallery: CREDITS CONTACTS Server name: Battle For San Andreas | GTA.Ru Server IP: mtasa:// mtasa://gta.ru:33002 Discord: https://discord.gg/kSR7vh7svN VK: https://vk.com/b4sa_gta
  2. STINGRAY'S BATTLEGROUNDS [Battle Royale] [~8Mb download] [v1.5.3] Discord server: https://discord.gg/P5yVSsvr38 UPDATE 14.10.2023. ===================== - Switched hosts, new provider: OVH Cloud - Many more updates and bug fixes (more in Discord channel) UPDATE 12.08.2022. ===================== - Switched hosts, new provider: Hetzner Germany UPDATE 27.05.2022. ===================== Hello everyone, after 5 years of Real Life chores and work, I have finally found motivation and inspiration to finish my long abandoned MTA SA server. In last few months I have made these new additions to the server: 1) SQUADS - Play together with your friends! SQUADS (teams) have been the most requested feature for my server 5 years ago, I have finally tackled this problem and implemented a whole new mechanic. While in Lobby, you can invite your friends to play with you. SQUADS features: Select a squad member to automatically jump with Spotting system so you can easily and quickly notify your squad members about enemy activity Waypoints - easily mark a spot on map, and visual indicator will be on screen and radar for you and your squad members Spectator mode - watch your friends play the match when you die. Dynamic squad size - if there are less than 4 players on the server, then maximum player count per squad changes, for example: 3 Players in lobby = 1 player max per squad, over 4 players and under 9 = 2 players max per squad, 9 until 15 = 3 players max, over 15 = 4 max 2) Revamped GUI - Easily and intuitively navigate through options in F1 menu, access it by pressing F1 in lobby or in spectator mode. 3) Scoreboard screens - Only top 50 players will be displayed on 3D scoreboard screens in the lobby. Leave your mark on the server starting from: today! 4) Drive-by mode - added drive-by for some weapons depending if you're in drivers seat or passenger 5) Many control hints, making the game very accessible to everyone 6) File compression and no additional textures - You need to download about 4 Megabytes at most! Which makes it very easy to try the server out without waiting on long downloads. 7) Reworked some of the gun sounds, planning to rework the rest if server gains a player base Recoil system - each weapon has its own recoil properties, I have disabled standard GTA recoil system which throws bullets in circle and scripted my own which is similar to how every shooter game feels like. ===================== OLD POST, EDITED: SERVER: Hosted on OVH Cloud, excellent reliability and performance 128 Players limit Gameplay footage GAMEPLAY: - Throwing mechanics: Are you tired of selecting a grenade then holding a mouse 1 button hoping to get the throw right? Well I know I am, so I designed a custom throwing mechanic and it's pretty simple to use. Hold "G" + Mouse1 to build up the throw force, control the throw angle with your mouse, when you're happy release the Mouse 1 button and off she goes. - Dynamic Lobby: Depending on amount of players that are connected to the server, the amount of players needed to start the match will automatically change. So if there are only 8 players on a server, the minimum needed to start the match will be 3. If there are more than that or less, the lobby will adjust. Also Lobby area is filled with things to do, so in case you are bored waiting for players, you can wander around the playground. P.S: There is a rocket launcher on the highest part of the lobby. - Dynamic gameplay: Because of the dynamic lobby, games will start with a lower player count than ideal. If that does happen, the gameplay will adjust to suite the amount of players currently in match. For example: Reduce the timer between circles. - Dynamic sounds: Ahh yess.. getting shot from 300 meters and not hearing a thing must be real fun... well except it isn't. To counter this boring problem I had to develop a "Sound engine" which means custom sounds. You might be thinking "well that's good and all but there are servers already with custom weapon sounds". Yes of course but these sounds are dynamic, they change depending on the environment and the distance between you and the origin of the sound. You can actually hear distant gunfights( 500 - 800 meters away) and give yourself a tactical advantage(knowing roughly where the enemy is). Amongst all of this, there is speed of sound which means your bullets will reach the target first then followed by the sound of your weapon, meaning making those first shots connect is crucial. Each weapon has it's own distinctive sound, so as time passes you can actually learn and recognize what other player is using. Here are some examples for environment dynamic sounds: 1) Shooting a weapon in the open: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQwbrbhBP_0 2) Shooting a weapon in a city: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zU5UYMLHDIo 3) Shooting a weapon indoors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebDXeGUwGgY - Gunfights: All of the weapons were tuned to ensure longer and more adrenaline rushed encounters. - Weapon selector: Scrolling through your inventory has never been simpler. Just use your scroll wheel, select the weapon you want ( left click ) and there you go! Very precise. To cancel the selection just press right click or don't scroll for a while. - Inventory system and loot: Inventory and picking up items in your vicinity has been tuned towards faster gameplay. Picking up items doesn't require drag&drop or anything fancy like that, just click on an Item you want to drop or pickup and it's done. Items are displayed in textual and symbolic form for easier understanding. https://i.imgur.com/IUSAQO2.jpg -- View of inventory system - Loot: Loot is scattered throughout San Andreas along with vehicles. Loot is displayed in boxes with blue marker pointing to it and is completely randomized. - Healing: There's not much to talk about here, you have bandages and med kits. For quick heal use H + Left Click (heal with bandage) or H + Right Click (heal with med kit). You can also heal from inventory by clicking a desired heal type. - Circles: The playing area is optimized on the environment, the last stages of circles are custom defined for better experience. - Main Menu: There few options in the main menu, you can select your skin for example ( if you have an account) - List of controls (Also visible in F1 menu in the Lobby): G (hold) + Mouse1 (hold) = Throw force + G (hold) + Mouse1 (release) = Throw H (hold) + Mouse1 = Heal with bandage H (hold) + Mouse2 = Heal with med kit Mouse2 = Drive by mode (prompt shown for compatible weapons) E = Enter as passenger E (in plane) = Eject from plane Tab (in match) = Inventory F1 (in lobby) = F1 menu Keys 1, 2, 3 and 4 = Quick select a weapon slot. SERVER INFORMATION: IP/PORT:play.stingraysbattlegrounds.com:22003 Admins: StingRayNFB, DakiLLa Contact me on Discord: StingRayNFB#3486 Discord server: https://discord.gg/P5yVSsvr38
  3. Hello .. I have programmed the battleground [PUBG] gamemode, and I opened a server .. but I'm busy and I can not take care of the server ! So, I decided to sell the game mode. Some Characteristics - Login/register panel. - Battlepoints. - Lobby [home, character, shop for clothes, rewards, statistics] ~ you can buy clothes from shop. ~ you can receive rewards such as clothes and battlepoints. ~ In statistics tab you can see top 10 players. - Squad and solo mode. - Beautiful design and orderly - Loots [Note: The playing area is confined to the forest area only]. - Admin panel for PUBG. - Inventory. - etc ... It is like the original game Buy the gamemode Price: 400$ (USD) Payment method: Paypal (or other suitable method for me) contact me to check the gamemode before buy it. Contact E-mail: - Skype: - Pic's Thank You #H25
  4. Hey, im Tomixinho and I play MTA PUBG tournaments, you can see my videos there
  5. [SOLVED] Hello, MTA community. Recently, I've started practicing setting up a server and building it. I've been dowloading seemingly simple resources to get the hand of .Lua, .xml, the admin panel, and whatnot. I found this compass, which adds the compass from PUBG. It is a horizontal scrolling ruler on the top center of the screen. North and south show as they should, but the east and west are inverted; not because of the text, it's because of the scrolling being inverted. In other words, if the player turns the camera to the right side of the character, the compass scrolls to the right (it should be the opposite of where the player is turning the camera). Similarly, if the player turns the camera to the left side of the character, the compass scrolls to the left. It's my first time posting about server development. If you wish to see the .Lua or .xml files, don't hesitate on asking. UPDATE: After trying to read and understanding a few items of the client.Lua, I realized that the solution would be to invert the value. If the compass moves along with the camera, I need to invert the movement, so it moves contrary to the camera's X axis. Line nº40 is <local _, _, r = getElementRotation(getCamera())>. Is this the one I need to invert? How can I do so?
  6. Por favor algún servidor parecido al PlayersUnknown'sBattlegrounds
  7. Tou criando um Serve de gamemode PUBG, tá ficando legalzinho, mas preciso de alguns Script de MIRA 2x, 4x, 8; Squad; e ETC... Quem puder me ajudar serei muito grato!!
  8. Hola, estoy buscando la persona capasitada para hacer miras, distintos zoom por cada mira, que la bala del arma llege, y si saben tambien poder lograr un recolit como se ve en el video. Igualmente me sirve el zoom, la forma de disparo. pago, me pueden contactar por MP. o busquen ''Preper'' en Facebook.
  9. Hello everyone! I leave my second Frag Movie in MTA PUBG for you to see If you want to go through the video on YouTube and leave a like and comment I would appreciate it ►IP: mtasa:// ►Music Used: ►Coyote Kisses - Six Shooter ►AJR - Burn The House Down
  10. Hello everyone! As the title says I made a frag montage pubg in mta https://youtu.be/8Baaddm3CaI ►IP MTA: mtasa:// ►Music Used: ►Lenka Blue Skies REVOKE Remix ►Two Feet Go F*ck Yourself
  11. https://discord.gg/QTYkk4c In English: 50-90 Players on parachute onto 16x16 km Island you have to kill everyone in the game and stay “the-last-standing” In Arabic: 50-90 لاعبين على المظلة على الجزيرة 16x16 لديك لقتل الجميع في اللعبة والبقاء "الأخير" * ملاحظة: السيرفر الان تحت التطوير، لكن نتشرف بكم بالدسكورد متى ما فتحنا ياتي اشعار لكم *
  12. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم الصلاة والسلام على اشرف الانبياء والمرسلين نبينا محمد عليه افضل الصلاة واتم التسليم اليوم ستصدر لعبة بـ أسم [ Darwin Project ] ETC في المساء ساعة 3 بتوقيت على STEAM, Xbox One شرح نظام اللعب: ترسبن بمكان عشوائي وتحاول انك تكون الناجي الوحيد بأستخدام الموارد وتدفئ نفسك من البرودة القاسية والأبتعاد عن المناطق المحظورة حيث انها البرودة فيها جدا قاسية القوانين: - سوف ينزل 10 لاعبون في مناطق عشوائية - توجد 7 مناطق وفي كل فترة زمنية يتم حظر أحد المناطق عشوائياً - ( توجد 3 موارد : ( خشب, وجلد, وقطع كهربائية الخشب الأكثر سهولة في الأيجاد وكذلك الجلد اما القطع الكهربائية فهي تتواجد في أحد المناطق السبع ولها فائدة كبيرة بحيث أنها تمكنك من الاختفاء والانتقال والخ اما الخشب فتصنع به النار والأسهم وأيضاً بعض الأفخاخ اما الجلد فتصنع به أحذية ورداء يخفف البرد عنك - ابق الناجي الوحيد وسوف تفوز مميزات اللعبة: - يوجد معلق في المباراة - نظام فريد وجديد - جرافيكس ورسم جيد - تواجد سيرفرات عديدة سعر اللعبة: 15 دولار فيديو تشويقي للعبة : قيم بلاي للعبة : ( وفي الختام انصحكم تشترونها ( نصيحة من مجرب ( أبرئ ذمتي من يستمع لموسيقى اللعبه ) والسلام عليكم
  13. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته سويت مهمه باتل جراوند ومركز اسلحه الشرطه و بم اني لن افتح سيرفر قررت ابيعهم الفيديو.. مهمه باتل جراوند مركز اسلحه الشرطه للتواصل Skype mezo.prince1 FaceBook www.fb.com/medolua
  14. السلام عليكم انا اريد مود pubg للباتل جراوند لو سمحتم عايزه في اسرع وقت ياريت تفيدوني♥
  15. New Release, Stealth:PREMIER Alpha Hello, everyone.. we're releasing new modified stealth gamemode according to STEALTH, i can explain full server with all functions, but better thing is you can try this out! Server IP : mtasa://crypt.lk:22004 We're looking for STAFF team who can manage server via admin panel, if you're interested.. contact me in PM, also u must be active in server, only some ppl interested about stealth so, come lets do more with stealth gamemode.. here some screenshots:
  16. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته الموضوع باين من عنوانه بعد ماشفت انتشار لعبة الباتل قراوند واقبال اللاعبين عليها قررت ابرمج قيم مود باتل قراوند طبعاً موجودة سيرفرات اجنبية وهي سيرفرات معدودة فـ حبيت افتح سيرفر عربي .. ببرمجة العرب لمنافسة الاجانب خلصت من السيرفر تقريباً .. باقي اتأكد منه واجربه قبل ما افتحه للجميع بشكل تجريبي وعند الافتتاح بيتوفر نمط اللعب الفردي solo فقط السيرفر بإذن الله بينفتح بعد أيام ** محتاج مصممين ثري دي .. الي يقدر يكلمني خاص ** وهذي صورة للواجهة وهذا ماب الـ Lobby - كل واحد يكتب رأيه ويصوت في الاستطلاع #H25 السيرفر بإدارة RWS
  17. SERVER NAME : [EUROPE] BATTLE ROYALE SERVER SERVER IP : mtasa:// Features : - Inventory system with quick slots - Lobby system - Basic game system - Group system - Level system - Login & auth system based on MySQL - Toxic gas with sweet effect - Multilanguage system (Turkish, English) This script made by Brzysiu I fixed the errors. I was add new features.
  18. hi i need how to creat server pubg or i need resources pleas help me
  19. Hi! Following the community discussion in MTA forums, we have created an official Discord server quite a while ago, as All MTA PUBG players and fans are welcome to join our Discord server You can join it by using the link below: https://discord.gg/F33E9nz What is Discord? Discord is a hybrid of IRC, an Instant Messenger and a Voice Chat software. It incorporates the most important features of these elements into a handy and multiplatform app which you can run on your desktops, smartphones or tablets. What can I find while I am there? We currently have some channels created, including: #general - for general PUBG and offtopic chats #squad-trio-duo - for voice channels. #support - for any problems related to MTA:SA PUBG client or server #announcements - for all important messages from us as well as some others. We are still thinking of how to put our Discord server into its full potential, so we may add more channels soon. How do I join it? Hey, we have mentioned that already. Just click the link below and follow the instructions: https://discord.gg/F33E9nz (credits: MTA official discord )
  21. Hangya


    So hello I want to create a PUBG mod server, but I don't know how to create the gamemode. I want to create a lobby for players to play together. I also want to do the circle, you know, if you are not in the circle u will die or lost hp, i want to display it in the map, and after minutes it will be smaller and the end itt freeze. Can somebody help me?
  22. Any idea how to do it?
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