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Found 6 results

  1. Today, I was testing my policeman job (that I will surely post) on my server, because I wanted to know, if other players (not from one XML file) can access to be policemans. Suddenly, I saw, that on other nickname, I can open F1 panel. So what can I do? Thanks everybody for advance. Here is my part of acl.xml for proof, that only me and my friend are in Admin group: <acl> <group name="Everyone"> <acl name="Default"></acl> <object name="user.*"></object> <object name="resource.*"></object> </group> <group name="Moderator"> <acl name="Moderator"></acl> <object name="resource.mapcycler"></object> <object name="resource.mapmanager"></object> <object name="resource.resourcemanager"></object> <object name="resource.votemanager"></object> </group> <group name="SuperModerator"> <acl name="Moderator"></acl> <acl name="SuperModerator"></acl> </group> <group name="Admin"> <acl name="Moderator"></acl> <acl name="SuperModerator"></acl> <acl name="Admin"></acl> <acl name="RPC"></acl> <object name="resource.admin"></object> <object name="resource.webadmin"></object> <object name="resource.acpanel"></object> <object name="resource.modloader"></object> <object name="resource.loginpanel"></object> <object name="resource.bank"></object> <object name="resource.stats"></object> <object name="resource.vsys"></object> <object name="resource.cp"></object> <object name="resource.Serwer"></object> <object name="user.VaporZ"></object> <!--My nick--> <object name="user.maxeo11"></object> <!--My friend's nick--> <object name="resource.job3"></object> <object name="resource.cs"></object> </group> blah blah blah blah blah blah </acl>
  2. Hello, i'm trying to create a checkbox to enable and disable the ghost-mode on my F1(freeroam) panel on MTA server, but actually i dont know how to do it. someone can help me?
  3. hello every one , well im new at mta forum as i said in the first topic of myn so i created a server just to have fun so the name of the server is : [UGW] UnderGround World Events/Drift/Maps/RealRoads/Fun/Honda/BMW/Stunt/Mods+100 mtasa:// the main topic :
  4. https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=3251 I downloaded this script, but when i move a player to jail, he can access the FR GUI, and "escape" from jail. How can i disable FR GUI access from imprisoned peoples?
  5. Hola a todos, soy muy novato en esto del scripting. Hace unos días trato de incorporar una opción de modo pasivo en F1, algunos sabrán lo que es el Modo pasivo (Si te activas esto estás completamente fuera del deathmatch, nadie te puede matar y tu tampoco puedes hacerlo), y bueno, he tratado de hacerlo en una checkbox, de forma sencilla, pero una vez activado ya no se puede desactivar. Y nosé como puedo hacer que al desmarcar la checkbox, se vuelva al modo normal (deathmatch) y aparezca un mensaje en el Chatbox de "Modo Pasivo desactivado". Por favor necesito si alguien me puede ayudar, o sugerir algo, llevo todo el día de ayer y hoy intentándolo pero nada. --------------------------- -- Pasive Mode Player --------------------------- addEventHandler ("onClientPlayerDamage",getRootElement(),function(attacker,weapon,bodypart) if attacker then if getElementData (attacker,"antidm") ==true or getElementData(source,"antidm")==true then cancelEvent() end end end) --------------------------- -- Pasive Mode Vehicles --------------------------- addEventHandler ("onClientVehicleDamage",getRootElement(),function(theAttacker,theWeapon) if theAttacker then if getVehicleOccupant (source,0) then if getElementData (theAttacker,"antidm") or getElementData (getVehicleOccupant(source,0),"antidm") then cancelEvent() end end end end) --------------------------- --Pasive Mode --------------------------- function togglePasiveMode () guiCheckBoxSetSelected(getControl(wndMain, 'pasivo')) setElementData(source,"antidm",true) toggleControl (source, "fire", false) toggleControl (source, "aim_weapon", false) outputChatBox ("Modo Pasivo exitosamente activado!",0,255,0) end Todo esto lo puse dentro del fr_client.lua, y esto es lo que edité de él: {'chk', id='lightson', text='Lights on', onclick=forceLightsOn}, {'chk', id='lightsoff', text='Lights off', onclick=forceLightsOff}, {'chk', id='pasivo', text='Modo Pasivo', onclick=togglePasiveMode}, Muchas gracias de antemano!
  6. Hi i'm newbie on server création and i don't know how to disable maps when i'm join the server. Thank you for the help you bring me
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