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  1. Hey everyone, I'd like to introduce you to my tool that essentially lets you create seamless segmented runs for any race map. The tool is still in development (and I'm very lazy lol) so updates will be shown on the main GitHub page: https://github.com/chris1384/mta-tas-dm Here's a little showcase using the janky, older tool that I've made back in 2020: Here's the behind the scenes using the newer tool that's available for download: Thanks for the attention and have fun!
  2. Hello everybody! I'd like to introduce you my own-made systems based on internal.db for small gamemodes or simple servers. I was thinking about how good it'd be if we'd have an abillity to work with account's saved data better and faster only using standard MTA database. I've been looking for an information that could help me to put a lot of data (as player's position, skin, money and so on) in 1 key to internal.db account's data. As for me - this is the best way of using saveAccountData() for non-global servers because it reduces the amount of trash-files in database. I made some researches on that and found out that it doesn't affect the perfomance. Download: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=18786 Preview: ------------------------------- ----ACCOUNT ID SYSTEM UTILS---- ------------------------------- function getAccountDatabaseID( account ) if account and not isGuestAccount( account ) then accID = 0 -- Set account ID to default if getAccountData( account, "data" ) and getAccountData( account, "data" ) ~= nil then -- Check out for account's data table local data = fromJSON( getAccountData( account, "data" ) ) -- Get account's data table if data[ "ID" ] == nil then accID = 0 -- Set account ID to default in cause of ID == nil else accID = data[ "ID" ] -- Set account ID to account's data table ID end else accID = 0 -- Set account ID to default in cause of account's data table == nil end return accID -- Return account's ID end end function getFreeDatabaseID() local accounts = getAccounts() missedID = false -- Set an ID to default for operation for i, v in pairs( accounts ) do -- Start a loop for all server accounts if i ~= getAccountDatabaseID( v ) then missedID = i break end end if missedID ~= false then return missedID --[[ ETC: There were 5 accounts. The 3rd one have been deleted. To avoid dissolution of an ID after deleting account we look for the gap and fill it with new account. It means that new account, created afther the 5th, would get 3rd ID of deleted account. --]] else return #accounts + 1 -- There were no gaps in ID row, so we return ID as a count of all accounts + created one. end end ----------------------------------------- ----ACCOUNT ID SYSTEM UTILS ENDS HERE---- ----------------------------------------- -------------------------- ----ACCOUNT DATA TABLE---- -------------------------- function getAccountDataTable( account ) if account and not isGuestAccount( account ) then if getAccountData( account, "data" ) and getAccountData( account, "data" ) ~= nil then local data = fromJSON( getAccountData( account, "data" ) ) -- Get account data table local id = data[ "ID" ] -- Get account ID from data table local position = data[ "Position" ] -- Get account position from data table local skin = data[ "Skin" ] -- Get account skin from data table local money = data[ "Money" ] -- Get account money from data table return id, position, skin, money -- Return all collected data end end end function saveAccountDataTable( account, data ) if account and not isGuestAccount( account ) then setAccountData( account, "data", data ) end end addEvent( "saveAccountDataTable", true ) addEventHandler( "saveAccountDataTable", getRootElement(), saveAccountDataTable ) function getPlayerDataTable( player ) local x, y, z = getElementPosition( player ) -- Get player's position local rotx, roty, rotz = getElementRotation( player ) -- Get player's rotation local interior = getElementInterior( player ) -- Get player's current interior local dimension = getElementDimension( player ) -- Get player's current dimension local skin = getElementModel( player ) -- Get player's skin local money = getPlayerMoney( player ) -- Get player's money local accID = getElementData( player, "ID" ) or 0 -- Get player's account ID ---- local data = toJSON( { [ "ID" ] = accID, -- Prepare account ID to save [ "Position" ] = { x, y, z, rotz, interior, dimension }, -- Prepare player's position to save [ "Skin" ] = skin, -- Prepare skin to save [ "Money" ] = money, -- Prepare money to save } ) ---- return data -- Return all data that we've collected from the player end ------------------------------------ ----ACCOUNT DATA TABLE ENDS HERE---- ------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------- ----IMPLEMENT ALL STUFF THAT WE HAVE---- ---------------------------------------- addEventHandler( "onPlayerLogin", getRootElement(), function( _, account ) if account and not isGuestAccount( account ) then if getAccountData( account, "data" ) and getAccountData( account, "data" ) ~= nil then ---------------------------------------------------- ----Spawn player from saved account's data table---- ---------------------------------------------------- local ID, position, skin, money = getAccountDataTable( account ) spawnPlayer( source, position[ 1 ], position[ 2 ], position[ 3 ], position[ 4 ], skin, position[ 5 ], position[ 6 ] ) fadeCamera( source, true, 3 ) setCameraTarget( source, source ) setPlayerMoney( source, money, true ) setElementData( source, "ID", ID ) -- Apply player's ID outputChatBox( "Welcome back, "..getPlayerName( source ).."!", source, 255, 255, 255, true ) -- Output a welcome message outputChatBox( "Your ID: "..ID, source, 255, 255, 255, true ) -- Output a message to chat for logged player to make a sure that we've got the right ID else ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----Spawn player for the first time or in cause of data table reading error---- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- local ID = getFreeDatabaseID() -- Get free ID for our player to apply it later spawnPlayer( source, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 ) fadeCamera( source, true, 3 ) setCameraTarget( source, source ) setPlayerMoney( source, 0, true ) setElementData( source, "ID", ID ) -- Apply player's ID outputChatBox( "First time, "..getPlayerName( source ).."? Welcome!", source, 255, 255, 255, true ) -- Output a welcome message outputChatBox( "Your ID: "..ID, source, 255, 255, 255, true ) -- Output a message to chat for logged player to make a sure that we've got the right ID end end end) addEventHandler( "onPlayerLogout", getRootElement(), function( account, _ ) local data = getPlayerDataTable( source ) -- Get player's data to save it saveAccountDataTable( account, data ) -- Save player's data table on log out end) addEventHandler( "onPlayerQuit", getRootElement(), function() local account = getPlayerAccount( source ) local data = getPlayerDataTable( source ) -- Get player's data to save it saveAccountDataTable( account, data ) -- Save player's data table on exit end) P.S: I appreciate any opinion and advice, thank you!? You can use this script for any purpose - the code is opened! I've also tried to explain the whole script. I hope it'd help! Download: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=18786
  3. Greetings, I present to You my little project I've been working on - MTAupload.com This is a place where you can freely download or upload MTA multigamemode maps. Currently, over 6000 maps are available on the site, which were obtained from public MTA forums, or shared by generous players of the community. Feel free to check it out, I will appreciate it! MTAupload.com Contact me on Discord: Nev3r#1040
  4. Caduzaum


    so i have downloaded this loadscreen, it works fine but when the download finish the script dont stop and idk what to do, can someone help me? theres the Client.lua local sx, sy = guiGetScreenSize() local x, y = (sx/1366), (sy/768) local resourceRoot = getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()) local screenWidth, screenHeight = guiGetScreenSize() local myScreenSource = dxCreateScreenSource(screenWidth, screenHeight) local root = getRootElement() local rote = 0 local musica = true local Tipo = nil local pLife = {} local AlphaAB = 0 function pLife.iniciarLoadingScreen() PlayMusicLoandig = playSound("olds/sound/music.mp3", true) Tipo = "Play" setSoundVolume(PlayMusicLoandig,1.0) showCursor(true) showChat(false) addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, pLife.MenuDxLoad) end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, pLife.iniciarLoadingScreen) function pLife.fimLoandingScreen() if isTransferBoxActive() == true then setTimer(pLife.fimLoandingScreen, 2000, 1) else removeEventHandler("onClientRender", root, pLife.MenuDxLoad) destroyElement(PlayMusicLoandig) showCursor(false) showChat(true) musica = false end end setTimer(pLife.fimLoandingScreen, 2000, 1) pLife = {} pLife["img"] = 1 pLife["timer"] = setTimer(function() pLife["img"] = 1 and 2 end, 40000, 0) function pLife.MenuDxLoad() rote = rote +12/8 local seconds = getTickCount() / 6000 local scale = math.sin(seconds) * 1 local seconds2 = getTickCount() / 4000 local scale2 = math.sin(seconds2) * 1 local rotation2 = 0 local AnimStouro = getSoundFFTData(PlayMusicLoandig, 2048, 2) for i,v in pairs(AnimStouro) do rotation1 = math.round((v*530),0) rotation2 = math.round((v*430),0) + 7 end AlphaAB = AlphaAB + 0.4 if AlphaAB >= 255 then AlphaAB = 255 end dxDrawImage(x*0, y*0, x*1366, y*768, "olds/images/bg.png", 0, 0, 0, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), false) dxDrawImage(x*0, y*0, x*1366, y*768, "olds/images/lights.png", 0, 0, 0, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 0*rotation1+rotation2), false) dxDrawImage(x*630/scale, y*280, x*94, y*160, "olds/images/logo.png", 0, 0, 0, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), false) dxDrawImage(x*580, y*240/scale, x*117, y*90, "olds/images/coroa.png", 330, 0, 0, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), false) dxDrawImage(x*30, y*205, x*17, y*34, "olds/images/pausa.png", 0, 0, 0, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), false) dxDrawImage(x*72, y*205, x*32, y*34, "olds/images/play.png", 0, 0, 0, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), false) if Tipo == "Pausa" then dxDrawImage(x*30, y*205, x*17, y*34, "olds/images/pausa.png", 0, 0, 0, tocolor(0, 111, 255, 255), false) elseif Tipo == "Play" then dxDrawImage(x*72, y*205, x*32, y*34, "olds/images/play.png", 0, 0, 0, tocolor(0, 111, 255, 255), false) end dxDrawImage(x*-24/scale2, y*163, x*441, y*636, "olds/images/"..pLife["img"]..".png", 0, 0, 0, tocolor(255, 255, 255, AlphaAB), false) dxDrawImage(x*623, y*627, x*100, y*100, "olds/images/load.png", rote, 0, 0, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), false) end addEventHandler('onClientClick', root, function(button, state, _, _, _, _, _, element) if button == 'left' and state == 'down' and musica then if cursorPosition(x*30, y*205, x*17, y*34) then setSoundPaused(PlayMusicLoandig, true) Tipo = "Pausa" elseif cursorPosition(x*72, y*205, x*32, y*34) then setSoundPaused(PlayMusicLoandig, false) Tipo = "Play" end end end) function pLife.OnStop () setPlayerHudComponentVisible("armour", true) setPlayerHudComponentVisible("wanted", true) setPlayerHudComponentVisible("weapon", true) setPlayerHudComponentVisible("money", true) setPlayerHudComponentVisible("health", true) setPlayerHudComponentVisible("clock", true) setPlayerHudComponentVisible("breath", true) setPlayerHudComponentVisible("ammo", true) setPlayerHudComponentVisible("radar", true) end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStop", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), pLife.OnStop) function pLife.OnStart () setPlayerHudComponentVisible("armour", false) setPlayerHudComponentVisible("wanted", false) setPlayerHudComponentVisible("weapon", false) setPlayerHudComponentVisible("money", false) setPlayerHudComponentVisible("health", false) setPlayerHudComponentVisible("clock", false) setPlayerHudComponentVisible("breath", false) setPlayerHudComponentVisible("ammo", false) setPlayerHudComponentVisible("radar", false) end addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), pLife.OnStart ) setTimer(function()
  5. Draw distance v1.0.2 This resource improves the draw distance of all your resources that make use of map files. It makes your maps 10x more beautiful in my opinion! Greatly improves the draw distance of map objects Maxed out the draw-distance for peds and vehicles. (See MTA settings > video: Render vehicles always in high detail + Render peds always in high detail ) Multi-resources support (this effect is applied on every mapRoot element) Parallel loading method is used, but the loading speed is in that case reduced to improve performance. The effect is not only applied on resources that are starting, but also resources that are already running. Download here This resource is uncompiled! Repository: https://gitlab.com/IIYAMA12/draw-distance Video - Created by @Anx1ty Comparison Starting at 200 units distance 400 units distance (this is the distance where a lot of objects will be unloaded, but in this case switched with lowLOD objects) And even on 600 units distance, it is technically visible -> (while the fog is slowly eating it up... ) Download here Can all hardware run this? --> I have no idea... most likely ?. Just give it a try.
  6. Gostaria de saber como funciona o consumo de banda do servidor, suponhamos que um servidor tenha 600 mb de mods etc..., quando um player entra no servidor ele consome 600 mb de banda do servidor, para baixar todos os arquivos? Se sim, o servidor estando compactado e acelerado o consumo é maior ou menor na banda do servidor? Sei que deve ser uma dúvida besta, porém gostaria de saber para poder me organizar melhor e conhecimento nunca é demais.
  7. Hello, I've decided to release/publish all of my old maps for everyone. Old School [DM] (10): v1, ft. DonXTone - Yo, I said I Need a Limo, Flee From the Forgotten Town, Garwa, SbugeMano, ft. Yamaha - LiberoGrande, Yamaha ft. - Piss on the Pyramid, 24 Hours to Live, & Ace! - Feel It, & Dr.Cr@zY, Bob. - The City Without Future (2009 - 2011) Not OS, but old [DM]s (4): & Ernesto ft. DonXTone - Revolutionary Speedmap, Ultimate Speed, ft. Danx - Satisfaction II, ft. MegaN - Escape to the Tropics (2011 - 2016) [DM] (1): [DM] Impzy - Essential Obsessions (2012) [DD] (2): Flower Pool, ft. Danx - ChYnA sTyLa (2016 - 2018) [FUN] (1): [FUN] Impzy Ft. Roald - New York Drive-By (201?) Download HERE Also, here is a YouTube playlist of all of my maps: Edited 7 minutes ago by Impzy
  8. I'm releasing some circuit maps made by me for the RACE Game Mode FOR FREE! This pack contains 14 highly detailed, fully decorated, ready to play maps that covers a wide variety of themes. Each race course is composed of a circuit which needs to be completed twice (you must pass through a succession of checkpoints). Should the player move outside the race tracks, the racer's acceleration will decreases noticeably. Also in some circuits the race track's sidelines have obstacles that will stop the players if they crash into them. You all can freely use them in your server, but no re-releasing or claiming as your own. Anyways I hope you like them, and enjoy playing as well. Comments are aswell welcome. VIDEO: MAP LIST: 1 - Giza Circuit: It is dry, sandy and rocky. Across the map, there are large sand dunes and pyramids in the background. The track has two caves, the first one is longer than another one, both decorated with some hieroglyphics. Drivers are on full throttle for most of the lap due to its long straights and fast corners. Additionally the sky is orange. 2 - Highland Circuit: The track takes you through a long road through the mountains with noticeable elevation changes, and a long straight with a blue sky overcasting it. The map itself has four cliffs, rocks and moderate tree clumps. The circuit is considered difficult to drive because it cross so many different types of obstacles. 3 - Arctic Circuit: The track is set in a frozen area in an urban environment at night, with many curves and changes in height, to allow for a challenge in skill to the competitors. 4 - Nippon Circuit: A circuit based on Japan, complete with Japanese-themed buildings. The track is essentially flat with numerous mid- to slow-speed corners with plenty of room for overtaking. 5 - Waterpark Circuit: It is a circuit filled with water canals, with some land parts around it and decorated with buildings and aquatic structures. In the middle of the track, the players will enter an aquarium. The circuit is generally flat, but has a gradual gradient. 6 - Casino Night Circuit: The map takes place at nighttime in a huge city decorated with buildings (especially casinos) filled with neon colored light. The circuit starts out with a simple straightaway before going into a variety of winding roads and sharp turns. The circuit is considered difficult to drive. 7 - Hotring Deluxe Circuit: The circuit is situated on flat lands surrounded by large grandstands. The course is rather long, having multiple twists and turns. The roads often has crash barriers, making the course extremely hard. While many of the corners have barriers, there are zones that players can driving off the track. 8 - Metropolis Circuit: This circuit takes place at day time, it features multiple skyscrapers in various designs, a tunnel, a bridge and barriers. 9 - Scandinavia Circuit: The circuit takes place during the sunset in an urban environment. Noticeable elevation changes and a bridge are some of this track defining features. 10 - Archipelago Circuit: The circuit is filled with bridges connected to grassy islands with a few rocks on them, industrial structures and ships. Also, forests and mountains can be seen in the background. The circuit starts out with a simple straightaway before going into a variety of winding roads and sharp turns without guard rail. 11 - Steppe Circuit: Like its name replies, it takes place in a large area of flat unforested grassland with a large bridge above the track. The road is just plain grey pavement. There are not many details to this track, unlike most other tracks. Good braking stability are crucial to win at this circuit because there are a lot of long straight lines ending with heavy braking. 12 - Firenze Circuit: It is a large night time city with bridges and a large amount of houses with red roofs. 13 - Black Forest Circuit: This race is lined with crash barriers. The track takes place in a dense forest and the course is rather long, having multiple twists and turns. 14 - Twinkle Circuit: The track takes place during the sunset. It is a grassy plain with a view of lush vegetation, trees and and some buildings. In the background, there are hills which have green plants on top. The course is considered to be quite fast and relatively easy to drive. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD MORE MAPS FOR FREE: [RACE] Reiko's Map-Pack [RACE] RG's Map-Pack [MAP] Custom City Island
  9. Toda vez que entro em um servidor em específico, esse erro acontece: error downloading timeout was reached, operation stop, your connection is less than 10kbs, CD20 Soube que era algo relacionado a https, mas nunca consegui resolver, por favor me ajudem, faz tempo que não jogo meu único jogo :c
  10. function imagem() dxDrawImage(986, 269, 349, 197, ":scr_screenloader/img/background.png", 0, 0, 0, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), false) end addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, imagem) function checkTransfer() if isTransferBoxActive() == true then setTimer(checkTransfer,2000,1) else removeEventHandler("onClientRender", root, imagem) end end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart",resourceRoot,checkTransfer) I need help with a script I'm trying to do, it's an image that stays open while downloading the resources and closes when the download is finished. Obs: I already added as a goal, until I can make the image open but I can not make it close, with the code below it does not appear
  11. Hi, I've been sharing on my site for 4 years. Download source Start and launch the server. I do not speak English, I can not explain it in detail. You visit and write your views. Thanks.. Click to wiev >> www.Mtasan1.com
  12. Where can i download a good inventory script for rp server?
  13. Somehow i can make this possible? When a player connect, then he have to wait the end of download, then he can use the fr gui. I want make fr gui usable when player download the mods. Sorry for my bad english..
  14. Ola jogadores preciso de ajuda pois eu chego a uma parte do download de servers e ele para trava o jogo e começa a dar load e fazendo isso nao consigo baixar o resto e quando ele da load nos mods ele crasha mostrando algumas dll me ajudem nao consigo entrar em servidor nenhum ja desisntalei e reinstalei tudo mta, gta e os mods me ajudem ele chega aos 400mb e dps acontece isso ;-;
  15. I not found on community.. Then where can i download Trials maps? Sorry for my bad english.
  16. Hello, i have been wondering how can i write a script that is displaying a login panel after downloaded all resources. Can you give me some tips how to do that? Thanks!
  17. Where can i download overdose effects with script for mta sa?
  18. Estou com um problema, me ajudem. montei um servidor de mta 1.5, mas quando eu abro o server, não carrega alguns arquivos. até agora não coloquei nenhum mod, pois ao abrir o server, como não carrega, após uns 2 minutos fecha o servidor e aparece: error downloading request files.Timeout was reached. [Connection timed out after 10000 milliseconds][admin/client/gui/admin_main.lua] Como resolver?? por favor me ajudem
  19. when i driveing the car, then the exhaust fire. where can i download this script?
  20. So i play on my server and i put some heavy mods of about 140 mb and my some people who join have bad internet connection and sometimes my upload rate slows down , so the login panel keeps annoying the hell out of people is there any way i can like to bypass login panel and then open it after player has downloaded?
  21. I want a good radar to my server, but i cannot find. And I searched on community, but i cannot find good too.. Anyone can send me a website, or anything from where can i download good radar(s)? Thank you!
  22. i want download a script, which change the nitro (manual, hybrid, automatic...) when i press a key, and better than race_nos script, where can i download this?
  23. i want download a dd killmessages which show [killername] [x2(doble kill)] skull icon [killedname] where can i download this??
  24. I found it earlier on community, which worked with ' . ' and ' , ' bindkeys, and created a orange color marker right, or left side. Where can i download this?
  25. Attention I have created this topic to tell you everyone that I am going to freelance in MTA:SA. As you don't know I am working with MTA:SA since 2013 and I have a lot of experience. If you are interested in any of MTA:SA (like DayZ) resouces, scripts or other things, just tell me what you want and I will sell it to you. Also I can teach you how to make some kind of scripts/resources/models/etc. by yourself, how to add it to the server. I can be your server scripter/mapper/hacker/etc., just hire me. Don't be shy You can contact me via e-mail ([email protected]) or skype (herokileris), or here in the forum (this topic or pm). For example, some of the scripts I have made and I can sell you: Vip - (in DayZ) gets more blood, restorations when eating, using medics, drinking... Also gets more stats after each spawning in the map. Animals in the map spawning and has an inventory in which they drop randomly Raw Meat after death. Respawn timer works perfectly. Zombies changed their status from walking or running, how they walk like randomly in the game, they scream, moan, bite your neck, infect you. Also I have a lot of DAYZ zombie models and sounds. Weapons system - each weapon has own model and shooting sound, inventory space slots, the name, the spawning chances, damage, ammo use, crosshire (including and snipers). Hold your breath system - when you aim, your crosshire moves, you can hold your breath and stop moving crosshire by holding a key like for example: for a 5 seconds. There are sounds added also for it. Sounds for you and others when you use medics, food, drinks, etc. like in the real life depending on the distance. Armour, hats, helmets, masks, caps and other clothing systems. MORE AND MORE. Group system. Scoreboard system. Give/Set items system. Map bugs fixer. Radiators, engines, tires, rotors, scrap metals, tank parts, etc. system for vehicles. AND MORE. I have all .lua files.
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