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Found 4 results

  1. I had mta open and was connected to a server but was alt-tabbed out of the game for around 20 minutes and when I alt-tabbed back in to the game I was greeted by an error saying I had DLL Injectors and could not connect to the server, So I assumed it was a glitch and could be fixed by realunching MTA but after launching mta when I tried to connect back to the server I was greeted by a CD47 Ban with description of using DLL Injector. The ban was only for an hour so that's not the problem I wanted to know which process caused the ban to try and avoid this in the feature, I was hoping there would be like a log or something that I could see to indicate what caused it? Because I did not have any DLL Injector open and neither Injected anything into the game. For now my I think it might have been the MSI Afterburner and Rivatuners overlay but I'm not sure. tl;dr I got banned for dll injector and I want to know which process caused it.
  2. Let's talk script security. It might be a taboo topic for some but it shouldn't, at all. In fact, the more people talk about this and unite to discuss and create robust, safe and well-coded scripts, the better the MTA resource development community will be. Rules: Main article: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Script_security The key points are there, but the code examples don't suffice, and the implementations will vary depending on the gamemode and resources. Pinned information: Coming soon Notes: - I'm not perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Please correct me when I'm wrong. - Eventually if this becomes a popular topic, I am willing to incorporate translations of certain explanations into other languages in this OP, as I know a majority of the MTA community doesn't master the English language and prefers to communicate and read in other languages.
  3. I have a problem with my MTA. When I try to enter a server the following error appears: Kicked (AC #4 File Locker). I've tried everything, erased everything, reinstalled both GTA San Andreas and MTA, but the problem remains. I greatly appreciate anyone who can help me.
  4. JohnDoom

    AC #4 File Locked

    Hello!! Today i was playing and them i had been kicked from the server, and the message was: AC #4 File Locked! I spend the entire day trying to solve this problem, but i couldn't... Someone know how to solve it? Pls, i need help!! And i am developing a server too, so i need to fix it ASAP!!! Thanks for the attention!
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