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  1. Hello folks,

    Im here, again :)

    Im sure you people missed me a lot, so i decided to do a nice little favor for all of you to come back to this wonderful community :)

    And yes, my english grammatics has been improved a bit since then, and I hope we can forgot the past and start again from the scratch :)

    So, here I am, sup peepz?!


    Happy Block! :)

  2. Seasons Greetings MTA! I just stopped in to wish you all, and the MTA staff a Merry Christmas again this year!

    OH SNAP. I'm late once again this year. Hmm, maybe we'll just say I'm early for this year? Or BOTH!?!? MUAHAHAHA!!!


  3. GTA IV's multiplayer isn't really a competition for MTA and there's still a long way to go before we'll get a decent mod. (if we will)

    I'm not sure what you mean, but if you're saying GTA4's multiplayer is better then I have to say two things to you.

    1) GTA4 sucks for the PC.

    2)Of course Rockstar can whip up a multiplayer easier, they have the source code. MTA has to work their asses off to implement multiplayer for games that were never meant to have multiplayer. Don't you realise that?

    About point number 1, if Rockstar changes their retarded anti-piracy crap, their inflexible game settings, and their dependencies on bulk programs. Then I will change my mind on GTA4 for the PC. Otherwise, fuck GTA4, I wish they used their brains when they ported that game.

  4. Bearing in mind that

    a) Few people can run GTA IV, let alone with decent frame rates

    b) The amount of resources required for something like MTA:IV vs GTA:IV is likely to be drastically higher (look at GTA:SA vs MTA:SA)

    c) The PC port of IV fails majorly, both looking at bugs and inefficiency

    d) MTA:SA is still not finished, and doing so will take a long time

    I don't think MTA:IV is such a good idea. Maybe when MTA:SA is perfect (if that indeed will happen someday :P) and GTA:IV is less bloaty and bug-riddled, and/or more people have upgraded their PCs to handle it better.

  5. with the release of GTA4, which offers a multiplayer straight - does anyone

    GTA4 for the PC was a big bust imo. I'm not talking about sales, or any of that business perspective. I'm talking about the PC reviews and the player reception. Terrible, just terrible. I thought Rockstar would have known better by now. Instead the PC community got shit on, again.

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