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  1. Do you mean this?

    https://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtop ... er#p216817

    The only problem with that is it moves an ENTIRE map and my Hospital and Movie Theatre interiors are in a huge joint map file so is there a way to move only those or would I have to basiclaly find them in my map file, remove them, get them moved and put them back in? Would be a pain in the ass but if its the only way it is what it is. But this move all the objects at the same time xyz just to a different location on the map?

  2. I just moved my MTA Race map over to MTA SA 1.0's Map Editor but I still cant find the kind of feature I am looking for and was wondering if it was possible. I want to basically move a whole group of objects at the same time so I can move them out to the ocean because I put an interior underground and I keep crashing when I drive over it. Is it possible?

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