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  1. Is there any possible way to edit the map in "Live Mode" while it's running on my server and my friends play on it? Sometimes I want to add some objects and don't want to do any restarts/refreshes to save some time
  2. So, I've remembered playing on some server long time ago, and it had race mode, where each checkpoint you get random vehicle. Is there any resource for that?
  3. lMilesl

    Car adding

    Is there any way to add car, instead of replacing standard ones? (P.S. I have no skills in Lua scripting)
  4. Whenever I place explosive barrels (barrel4) or Gas Pump they start moving/rolling/exploding after I press Ctrl+LMB. Any way to fix that? (I know that they are not doing that when I copy them via pressing "C", but sometimes its easier for em to place them using mouse and LMB)
  5. Okay, thanks for answer ?
  6. Is it possible/allowed to use trainer on my own local server? Sometimes me and friends need godmode or some other things from trainers, but I am aware of getting global-banned, so I want to know if it is restricted to use trainer anywhere
  7. Is there any way to enable collisions with cars (That were created with Map Editor and are part of the map) in the race gamemode? I mean, the ordinary collisions like in other gamemodes, and not just some kind of tank mode for those cars. P.S. I know almost nothing about Lua scripting.
  8. lMilesl

    Map Editor

    By "Wheels only" I've meant that the car won't have any upgrades, except the off road wheels
  9. lMilesl

    Map Editor

    Hello everyone. I have a question. Is it possible, to add tuning preset to the specific race maps? As example, I've made some off-road race map, and I want cars to spawn with off-road wheels, and nothing else.
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