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  1. you tard... go complain to somone who cares. If thats the way you wanna be I wont bother doing anything with this...
  2. OFFTOPIC: Sorry for not updating for so long... my account never received the new email address activation link so my account was stuck in activation mode... took forever for a moderator to fix it for me ONTOPIC: ive added a feature to MTArc War Planner so you can edit the brush size, adding text to the image can be done, but not with my skill requires somone with decent knowledge of API to do it. In reply to OpiuM, no it doesnt connect to a MTArc server/MTA server. it is its own server. In the main dialog you just click "Host" and people can connect to your IP+Port. GTA3 map is possible, but would increase the final size of the project greately, so if I see more people requesting a GTA3 map, ill add it. perhaps in the same binary or a seperate copy for each map. -EnEsCe
  3. -=MTArc V2 Feature: War Planner=- MTArc War Planner is a must for any clan that considers being prepared an essential to victory. Features a built in GTA:VC map whic can be drawn on by up to 8 players. The purpose of this is so that you can draw out your "Battle Tactics" and feed them to the other clients (who can also draw on this map) live, beats sending pics over MSN . Also features a Chat capability, kick (only Host can kick), multiple colours to choose from while drawing, and Private Messaging. More features coming soon. This is just a quick screenshot I took of the main chat dialog. Dont worry, I plan on making it look better for Release This is the War Planning dialog. NOTE: These Images are Subject to Change. The Black and Red look is pretty plain/boring. The colours ARE going to be changed according with the new Skins. Comments? Suggestions? -EnEsCe
  4. -EnEsCe-

    MTArc Thread.

    it would be easier to just make MTArc have a bunch of preinstalled sounds, (probably sounds from CS ) and have MTArc listen in the chat console for a certain string with a variable (variable being the shortword for the sound) EG. MTArc Folder > sounds > fallback.wav you say in game console, /sound fallback > other clients receive this chat command, MTArc plays the sound fallback.wav Only problem with that is that you cant keep it for your team only. Any Ideas?
  5. -EnEsCe-

    MTArc Thread.

    yer well I dont have VB yet so I wouldn't know... Anyone know how to change the colour of a Edit Box/Button in VC++? Im making a program very similar to MTArc but its much more advanced, features Ctrl + * Shift + * and Ctrl + Shift + * etc, and "HotWords" but im having probs with changing the colours of certain things.... if anyone knows how to change the colour of them contact me on MSN ([email protected])
  6. -EnEsCe-

    MTArc Thread.

    the comdlg32.ocx error is caused because it was coded in Visual Basic. You should try using VC++ DJ, its much better but abit more complicated.
  7. this longbong sheila sounds like a script-kiddie.... DDoS'ing is illegal in every way possible.
  8. -EnEsCe-

    MTArc Thread.

    very VERY nice little tool, ive been coding my own program similar to this one but abit more advanced, only problem is I cant figure out how to change the colour of edit boxes and buttons! Was MTArc programed in Visual C++ / MFC?
  9. Thx for this, ive been looking for one for ages, now my clan battles are actually on the right day and time!
  10. There I Fixed It............No Cheaters At All!!!
  11. no, i agree with 14 BTW....... Madness Sucks
  12. Join The [sYK] Clan... Click Here To Join This is a new clan, no cheaters allowed. [sYK], it aint really stand for anything. it means as in Psychin' You out, Having a Psych, that sorta thing..... Thats all i could think of..... !!Currently Accepting All Applicatoins!!
  13. THE [sYK] CLAN! Click Here To Join This is only a new clan, but the goal of this clan is to become a large clan with many NON-CHEATERS, The website is a little "novice" but it is still under contrsuction. Please sign up, we are accepting all applications at the moment.[/b]
  14. the solution to your cyber problem is to increase the maximum capacity ratio of ur VRAM's maximum capacity (Usually 1651231) then you're desktop must be set to the correct size to 1024 x 789 as what you set it to. then you need to get a new computer and spends thousands of peripherals
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