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  1. This is amazing! Congratulations for your work.
  2. This is great, as everyone wanted! I hope this version encourages people to create new things and make the community stronger. Keep up the great work, making the MTA the best multiplayer sandbox!
  3. Essa função é própria do GameMode, e está localizada no arquivo "survivorSystem.lua". Verifique se a função está sendo exportada corretamente. Caso tenha dificuldade para identificar isso, leia a wiki: call.
  4. iRc

    getTime condition

    Thank you! By your logic, Ive added another conditional so that the line is executed again when it reaches the condition. Look: timehour, timeminute = getTime() debounce = false var = 0 if timehour == 12 and timeminute == 0 and debounce == false then var = var + 1 --I want to execute this line only once whenever the condition is true debounce = true elseif timehour ~= 12 and timeminute ~= 0 and debounce == true then debounce = false end Incredibly just with 'else', I went back to the previous problem. Determining exactly the conditions, as I did by your logic, it works perfectly!
  5. How I run the line only once, until the condition is true again? timehour, timeminute = getTime() var = 0 if timehour == 12 and timeminute == 0 then var = var + 1 --I want to execute this line only once whenever the condition is true end Apparently the line runs more than once during the time of the condition.
  6. This is what I expect, because it will probably be used on large servers.
  7. I dont say the sync is bad, I just looked at the fact that applications like the ones I mentioned are very likely can be unstable, and deserve great care. Just It.
  8. In my opinion, the worst part of the forum design is the background. And they could change, perhaps making it clearer. Like this: As for the mod, I expect the custom IFP animation support to be implemented with good synchronization with the server, otherwise, it would be better not have. With this, it would be interesting also to extend the system of peds, adding new functions and improving others, always paying attention to the synchronization with the server. MTA is one of the most complete multiplayer mods, if not the most. It is even difficult to find things that are impossible to do. But for me, there are two paths yet to be explored, the system peds, as I have already said, and the properties of objects. If we could manipulate the goal properties more, I'm sure it would generate very creative ideas for resources and servers.
  9. That's great! It would be nice if the design of the community was similar to the one forum. Ideia:
  10. This is one of the things that i most misses in the MTA, a true customization. Great job!
  11. Works, but not well
  12. Maybe it can work, good ideia
  13. Id like to know if there is a way to check if the player is under a roof, as happens in the game. For example, when its raining and you go under a bridge, the effect of rain stop and when you come out, start again.
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