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  1. Hello,

    I have the following problem:

    Since a few days I have the 'Connection timed out!' problem. I can't connect to any server :/

    I have tried to install the latest MTA version 1.1.2, Tried to reinstall MTA, also reinstalled GTA.

    Nothing seems to work... Does anyone know how to fix this?

    PS: I have used the search function, uhm but that where 16 pages of results...


  2. we didnt download OUR maps

    we(our member or user/ create them and they arent downloaded

    on the cnr server most are created by neos

    on the dm and race server some are downloaded

    most are idd created by NeO members.. but there are downloaded maps..

    ( get off my wood = downloaded and modified) Not that i care.. because it are cool maps ;)

    @ lol'san that sucks to buy a reply..

  3. Which is why we're always coming up with new Ideas to etc, keeping our servers as unique as possible and obviously, not handing out any of our scripts/maps etc.

    But when we see people trying to replicate our features it's kinda annoying =\ anyway, this guy wont get anymore of our ideas that's for sure ;) aint that right wireless/roberto? :P

    I just think people should be able to use their own minds and come up with their own ideas, and if need be, get help with making those ideas reality rather than copying/replicating what someone elses work? =\ and no it's more than a few lines lol :P well ours is anywayz :P

    Ehm about the maps:

    anyone can get some of the maps in NeO's couse there downloaded and modified al little by changing spawn points and change some cars to cops etc.. lol ^^

  4. pffft

    I suppose there is one plus to this, we're obviously good enough that people gosta try an copy us ;)


    NeO is the only PRO clan with his own NICE SUPA server ;D

    And no one, and i mean NO ONE can make it so nice :D

  5. ROFL and your calling his work "noobish" ? o.O

    And in my opinion, using notepad to create a script is harder than using the normal script editor that mIRC has since nothing is spaced out properly in notepad... so there is really only one "noobish" scripter here... :P

    I guess that's a big:


  6. since a few days i get many many many erros...

    Before i got the error sometimes, and just restarted, since a few days the error came IN-GAME to!

    this is the error:

    Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas encountered an uncoverable error and had to ext.

    The Multi Theft Auto team is sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    Then i can press 2 things:

    -Login to report this crash (when i click that and try to login it gives again an error)


    I hope you can help me. cause i realy wanna play again!

  7. [EDIT] thx m8 it works atleast someone who can help ;)

    i'l put your name as credit in my release for IRC commands

    but that will take an while when that comes out... you may be 20 years older xD

  8. i did this its working now still with an ID but i can use %a as ID

    on *:TEXT:!freeze*:#:{


    ;$1 = Server

    ;$2 = ID

    ;$3 = Command

    ;$4- = Parameters

    var %a = $iif($4,$iif($mta.nick($1,$4) != $null,$4,$gus.getid($1,$4)),$2)

    if ($irc.admin($1,$2) >= 5) {

    /mta.freeze 1 %a


    else /msg $chan 4Failed: need to be level 5 to use the command


    wanna make it in an alias the parameters etc

  9. Hi have have an question couse how can i make it that when i type !freeze JB_frozen jb_frozen gets freezed ingame?

    i am so far that when i type !freeze 0 the name with the ID 0 gets freezed but can someone help me to get it by an name?

  10. yes but.. there is not any script that i need i dont want to change the admin into vip -_- couse i can do that to i need this:

    on !admin this shows up

    current online admins: JB_frozen(10)

    current online Vip(s): 69Wolf69(5)

    i hope some1 can help

  11. hi i need an script that when you type !admins there is shown online admins and Vips

    so when i type !admin this shows up

    current online admins: JB_frozen(10)

    current online Vip(s): 69Wolf69(5)

    lvl 5 and lower are Vips and lvl 7 and Higher are admins can you guys make? i tried but when i ingame type !admins my irc crashed and i thought hm.. this is not good xD

    would be nice if you guys can help

  12. xD i am not nick who had 17 reply need to get the !lol working

    i am the other guy..

    but i am JB_frozen a.k.a Rob

    anyway if you do !rec you give an points to the player who you rec if you like what he did E.G player killed me i do !rec player reason en he get 1 rec just for fun

    if he does !recs he can see how many recs he has

    can you help me plz?

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