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  1. Airplane This resource adds ambient aircraft to your MTA map. As many as you want, as long as the MTA element stream engine likes it. The aircraft models can be modified in config_s.lua. The resource was pre-mentioned in the Server time sync resource, because it is was an example resource which made use of serverside time. (And still makes use of) But by posting updates there for a different resource is a bit confusing. It is beyond a test resource now. Note: you still need to download the server time sync resource for this resource to work. You will be given an option to download server time sync resource, when you the download the resource airplane. The resource doesn't only creates planes, but also helicopters. Which is confusing I know, since the resource name is 'airplane'. But it was already too late for that without losing my version archive. Version 1.2.0 / 1.1.1 video's Admin settings Quantity aircraft Developermode Displaying the airplanes and other useful information. Demomode true - Let the resource create the aircraft false - Fill in your own aircraft list manually in file: config_s.lua How the aircraft is adjusted according to the GTA map. The blue crosses are used to display the max ground height of that specific area(200x200). You see that the crosses are placed higher near trees and buildings. The resource will adjust the aircraft height according to this data. This view is visible when development mode is active and some adjustments in the config_s.lua for the ground height data. Dataset for the aircraft height is available here: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Dataset-map-height Pro's: Low CPU usage after initialization. No network usage after initialization. Only the dependency server time sync will use network usage after initialization. Not that many lines of code for you have to scan through, if you want to modify the resource. Simple to implement. If you find a bug, I will be here. Con's No AI implementation. Brain-dead AI. The 'time based driven (animations)' concept is used, not everybody is familiar with that concept. That makes it harder to edit. It basically means that the aircraft animations are unstoppable, since time doesn't stop either. Pro: Which nearly nullifies the need of constant network usage between the server and the client. All aircraft are indestructible (even if not set to damage proof). (Can also be a pro) But I might add something in the future to counter that... but I first must figure out how that is suppose to work. Does not work outside of the GTA map. Download link: Resource Airplane Other downloads: Resource Server time sync Dataset GTA map height
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