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  1. @MGO_SA @Magiz0r @Reda_Iq @CarCrasher @Woffi1221 @Lt.Price @MoHaRx @Marinovv @DreaM40BG I pushed a small update to Cinema Experience (version 2.3) on March 20th, 2024. This is mostly a release to fix some long standing issues. The changes include: Fixed video playback issues with auto click through and ad skipping Improved screen resolution from 360p to 1080p Smoothed ambilight color transitions Unlocked Audio Toggle and Change View settings Added screen aspect ratio adjustment in settings Added YouTube Shorts support (.com browser only) Minor UI and texture updates Fixed hud compatibility issue Fixed some multiplayer sync issues A couple of new features added as well: onscreen video start messages, and the ability to Change View to look directly at the screen. I also cleaned up some unused settings and code. Note that if YouTube TV acts up, you can try enabling the embed video fallback by setting useEmbeds=true in shared.lua. This may cause some videos to error out though due to an embedding issue which is unfixable. You can download the updated version here. Let me know if you run into any other issues. Enjoy!
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