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  1. Hello everyone, I'm incredibly excited to announce some big changes that's come to everyone's favorite World War 2 TDM server! Back when this server first began I remember playing with my friends and having an amazing time - and over the years although Einheit got busy and could not dedicate as much time to server work, the gameplay held up and people continued to have a great time. I eventually extended my offer to help as a moderator or administrator to keep the server clean and ended up contributing in that way until today. As I stated, unfortunately Einheit got busy and was not able to continue giving the project the love and attention - but recently I did some thinking and wanted to do more: Einheit and I - amidst our usual DM conversations - privately came to an agreement for him to sell the server and all related properties to me. Now with this being said, I am very aware of the time, effort, and love he put into this from-scratch project and how much it matters to him. He has been the sole owner and developer on this project since the beginning with only a couple admins and mods to helpfully watch the server from time to time (looking at you @*UndecomingMedic9). I think in order to preserve this server properly and ensure it doesn't end up like many other servers we've seen eventually shut down, It's important for someone with the time, interest, and motivation to take control of it. A bit of background about me - I'm nearly 27 years old and from the US, I joined MTA in 2013 with it being nearly the first online-multiplayer game I've ever played (although I didn't even know the forums existed until two years later haha). I started on freeroam and eventually moved to English roleplay, owning and helping with some servers there while still keeping some enjoyment in freeroam on and off. I'm a huge history guy focusing more around WW1 and WW2 but very much enjoy learning about any past conflicts. I'm currently in the US military doing what I love and aside from that, just trying to live life. So I guess everyone's next question is what's going to happen from here? I'll start with saying nothing in SAAW is going to get worse - It's only going to get better with time. Personally I'm not to best developer on MTA and Einheit was certainly better than me regarding that, but I'm still capable enough to make good things happen with little to no error given the right amount of time. On the player side, the only two things that will change is the IP (which will be attached to this post, announced in our Discord when it's ready, and appended to the original server's name to redirect people in-game) and the fact that development will finally continue. On the development side, in the long scale of things I'm hoping to: Eventually move to MySQL for certain data (while making sure current players don't lose their existing stats/hours/etc) in hopes to move away from the mass amount of element data used Redesign a bit of user interaction such as the login/title screen and potentially some light in-game hud as well Convert several of the maps to utilize the createBuilding function once out of nightly Improve some current features to the best of my ability Address existing bugs and see what can be done to remedy them Create new features given some ideas I've had from players/friends that will fit well in-game More, as time goes on Some final notes: All current staff on the server will remain in their same positions for the time being, but may be replaced if I notice they haven't logged into the new server months after its release. Einheit will remain a permanent staff member The new SAAW will be a server managed under my multi-game community, Monky Gaming Community. Aside from a War Thunder squadron and Minecraft server, this community owns Monky Gaming MTA and San Andreas: A Singleplayer Experience. Our Discord is https://discord.gg/WtRCWSjJuM Interested in helping or have suggestions? Join our Discord and send me a message there or drop suggestions in our suggestions channel Thank you @Einheit-101 for trusting me to keep the project alive and well, and thanks for creating it in the first place If anyone has any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to comment them or send me a message and I will answer to the best of my ability The original SAAW forum post: (To be slightly edited later to encompass this post) A cool feature video made by @Didi:
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  2. Please read this post regarding SAAW - It is now under new ownership!
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  4. I have some wild guess in the animation that you probably looking for, which might look like holding a zipline. "CAMERA", "picstnd_take"
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