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  1. Hello there, Today I am presentin you with my latest Old School map named "Fontaine." The unique atmosphere and storyline of this region has inspired me from the GI. I had initially promised to create a "Griddle of the Sands" map which is the second desert area in Sumeru, but Fontaine's vibes and atmosphere were too tempting for me to resist. Therefore, I decided to create it first before focusing on other regions such as "Griddle of the Sands", "Mondstadt", "Liyue", and "Dragonspine." Fontaine is the home nation of the Hydro Vision, and where justice reigns supreme. The punishing machine named "Oratrice" here hold zero tolerance for error. There is no mercy for those who defy the rules or do wrong in this region. Also, people have transformed their large opera house "Opera Epiclese" into a court, so that performances and trials can occur simultaneously. It's common to see those who are being punished act like they are part of a play. The crowds are free to watch like they're watching a show, just as they would watch a performance they paid for. It seems that the justice system here is one of entertainment rather than fairness. Enjoy the video! The map contains some mechanisms from the game; Water Bridges This structure you see is a kind of creation developed by Fontaine engineers that allows boats to pass over it. In this map, you'll get to experience this structure first-hand and witness its capabilities. The Diving The waters here are nothing to fear. In this map, you are free to dive into the depths and explore the wonderful underwater world. Keep your course and enjoy the refreshing atmosphere of the waters. During your journey, you will enter and exit the waters multiple times. So get used to it already. But that doesn't mean you can stay underwater for long periods of time hehe) Floating Hydro Cubes The Fontaine Research Institute of Kinetic Energy Engineering, often shortened to Fontaine Research Institute, is an organization in Fontaine. During your journey, you'll have to achieve this weird scenery. The pressure inside is quite density so you'll feel it yourself when you get in. Underwater life The underwater life here has covered the area with diverse and vibrant species and forms of life, including mosses-covered structures, underwater grasses, and a plethora of aquatic animals. Natlan? You may notice the volcanic build in the end of the map; which references the next map will be about Natlan but I am not following any kind of time period so, I may bring different maps before this region like as, Desert of Hadramaveth as I was promised in my previous map "Mausoleum of King Deshret" But I've added it in the end of the map because it will be the next upcoming region after the Fontaine in GI. Natlan is one of the seven regions of Teyvat and is renowned for its worship of Murata, the Pyro Archon and the Archon of War. The region is slated to be released in Version 5.0 and will bring with it an array of vibrant volcanic events, although we haven't seen much of it as of yet since it has not been released yet and remains a mystery. However, when that day finally arrives, we can be certain that exploration in such a unique region will bear unique rewards. And I'll make sure to create a new Old School map based on this region, which will serve as a continuation of my 'GI-Regions' series. The map is synchronized with the music, and scripts as in the Mausoleum of King Deshret, Sumeru and Inazuma from my previous maps. You will feel the harmony if you can play the map without fail. (The screen will shake, atmosphere will change etc.) Credits Video & Edit by VonKasty Detailed credits can be found in the video's description. You may subscribe to Nakvie's YouTube channel as the owner of the Channel) Beta Tester Now, for my upcoming map conversions, I wish to extend my gratitude to Shady & VonKasty for serving as the initial testers. You're both very insightful and have been exceptionally helpful throughout the map-making process. And to all you out there who wish to participate in the beta-testing phase of my upcoming old school projects, feel free to send me a direct message, and I'll be more than just happy to have you onboard as well! Something more to add: FDD Maps Update As for the lovers of FDD, I wish to announce that in the foreseeable future, I'll begin the process of converting my GI-Region-Series maps to the FDD gamemode. This specific series will include aspects of several regions, one such as Fontaine, Sumeru, and Inazuma. From the different point of view, those regions will their own areas as in the GI. For example Inazuma: The Grand Narukami Shrine, Inazuma: The Watatsumi Island, Inazuma: Seirai Island. Fontaine: Poisson, Fontaine: Merusea Village. Sumeru: Port Ormos, Sumeru: Ruins of Dahri, Sumeru: Chatrakham Cave, Sumeru: Vanarana, Sumeru: Mausoleum of King Deshret Now, in regards to my FDD conversions, I've set a condition for myself to only complete the ones that have already been released. In other words, Fontaine, Sumeru & Inazuma are already released, so I'll create FDD maps based around those regions. However, when it comes to regions that have yet to be released, such as Natlan, Liyue, Mondstadt, the likelihood of FDD variants not yet coming into fruition remains high. If everything goes smoothly, Antartica 3 is on the way & Deep N Deeper series will continue too.
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